How to Use Pro Bulletin?

PRO Bulletin is a statistics table prepared especially for the purpose of reviewing pre-match statistics.
This table is presented to users on a weekly basis and the user can choose the date he wants and access the statistics of all the matches he wants.

For example :

The user wants to see the statistics over 2.5. If he wishes, he can select today's date and sort the matches from highest to lowest according to percentage or vice versa, and access all statistics in percentage within seconds.

How Does Reaction Analysis Work?

Reaction Analysis is a feature that predicts with the help of statistics what may happen in the 2nd halves according to the score of the match between the teams.
For example :

Team and it presents you the Goal-Corner-Card statistics of these matches.

By examining these statistics, the user has a prediction about what may happen in the second half match.


Reaction Analysis is the section with an "R" sign on the right side of each match in the "Live Matches" section

You can reach it by clicking here

Why are the alarms still on even though there is a goal in the match?

Alarms change color according to match statistics and pace of play.
The reason why the alarm that goes on after the goal does not change means that the pace of the match is still the same.
If the match goes idle, the color of the alarms will also change.

What are Team Series?

Team series lists the teams with ongoing series in different statistics around the world.
The team whose series ends is automatically removed from the list.
You can examine home/away field or overall according to different statistics.